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The world's longest interview



The first day of the NFL new season, even the Google Home Page will launch a celebration of small animation. Ordinary people saw the football competition on TV, always feel a group of games that have been hidden in the steel helmet; and each impact they bear, it seems to make ordinary people at least fracture (in fact, football is far more than hitting Hit it). China is not popular in rugby, rugby looks a high (Ye) Class (REN) movement in the public. In fact, the professional athletes working in NFL have an unusual physical fitness, and they also endure people who are unimaginable. The author tries from a pseudo-stricken perspective, roughly elaborated the daily daily life I heard. The first article, I started from the rookie to the long interview before the contract.





NFL's regular season begins in early September, with a four-week season, the training camp to convene all team members before, in July, early August. However, as a new show, the real interview start time is: February! The real interview cycle is: six months!





The fans have heard of the concept of NFLCombine, which is the data related to a series of rookies, such as 40 yards, bench data, and more. However, the inner people will call this group as "The Winter MEAT Market". In fact, before the test of the new show, every new show will report to each team's team doctor, check the body and ask the old injuries before: this means that every new show, especially have major injuries. The new show of history is to accept 32 times. Every team will send their own team of medical torture a new show because they don't trust other teams of team doctors, or signing each player's future construction is extremely focused, so they want to know each other. An interviewer. The reason why it is called "torture" is because the invigorate of the interviewer's injury record report. A player who really has a chance to participate in NFLCombine must be a leader in the university alliance, then they must start playing when they are also a young year. For so many years of football career, it is inevitable that there are a variety of injuries and even surgery. But in order to get a big contract or in order to get work, they often hide their injuries, and their brokers will also teach them a variety of ways to make their injuries records. For a section of the 90s, the Haiying team and a rhetorical partial conversation will feel free to feel free:





"Do you have any shoulders?"





"Not at all." (The author press: Who will say this problem?)





"How is your bench push?" (The author pressed: It is the point to raise a few times.)





"Four quarters." The rookie is proud.





"How much is your back hurt?"





The rookie is stunned. The rookie at this time is that he TMD can know that I have back pain? ! The rookie answer "not very pain".





In fact, the team does not know. Team doctors continue to ask "Don't hurt when you raise iron?"





The rookie began to be nervous, "& hellip; & hellip; sometimes a bit tightly striker & hellip; & hellip;"



& hellip; & hellip;





Team doctors, not only the history of injuries, but also many times to ask a rookie. In order to be able to check that all costs of defenses are only a new show for a paper contract, it is very likely that it is launched by the team by the team with the Labor Law as the court to claim a training camp to ask for huge claim. Guy. After checking, the team doctor gave each person a score of 0 to 9. 0 points taste some diseases will make playing the ball to lead to life. 9 points are full, but the NFL level, very little can reach 9 points, perhaps some players may have a chance to reach 9 points. In fact, 4 points and above have marked this rookie is a relatively healthy rugby player, even if there is a shortcomings in the past, there is a complete recovery function. 1 points and 2 points marked with a history of injury surgery but did not return to the injury. 3 points are a gray zone, meaning that buyers are self-proportional (s Aware), the team also integrated the scout and players to decide whether to adventure gambling.





However, NflCombine can only measure physical data, but NFLCombine can not measure enthusiasm, input, determination, etc. Medicine is not an absolute science, so we often hear the players who want to have a player who have experienced a variety of twists and events, and finally become a famous player's story, these stories are also the most exciting NS.





After NFL Combine, the teams are busy organizing all the data and prepare for the election conference in May. Scouts will further observe some rookies on the spot to complete all aspects. The rookie conference was selected, and he did not mean that he had nfl jerseys's work. He just entered the list of 90 people. At the end of the third week, the list will become 75. In a week, it will become the final list of 53 people. In fact, the first hair will be selected, and the rookies and substitutes will definitely have some people to be cut off. And the brothers who have trained together every day compete for jobs, which is also the cruel facts of the business alliance. More cruel, there is also a story of the first day of the first day of the training camp. The story of the reimbursement of the reimbursement of the knee ligament, this story is not a few. If this rookie is high, it may be protected by the team in the injury list, and the salary is taken in the team's top rehabilitation center for a year, but this year is not idle, there are also a variety of Physical energy project is waiting for him. If you don't walk, you will be cut off by the team. In fact, the rookie has signed Waiver before the training camp, means that the injury team in the training camp is not responsible, so they can only recover their own, I look forward to the year's luck will be better.





After the six-month-hearted round-round interview, if the rookie has the talents needed by the team, it is very lucky to ensure the health of the body, and there is no more troublesome, then he finally has a piece of paper worth millions. Employment contracts, but always face the risk of being transferred or cut off.





The last attachment is a recorded surgical record, recorded from the 90s Hawks:





Total surgery in the season: 14 cases.





Total surgery: 14 cases.





Total fracture in the season: 4 cases.





I Note: Generally, the most common sick surgery is knee ligament tear, knee half-monthboard torn, ankle bone fracture, etc. However, the average ankle sprain, knee contusion, rope strap, etc. are all direct return of the stadium after the site, and the ice bath will take a break in the next week.





The author is resumed: the space is limited, and the injuries in the game is also dragged to the next article (why you have changed it back to you again); as for the brain shake this big topic, then it is necessary The whole is briefly described (if the moderator does not disappoint the author's words).





Author: Georgia State University, sports science in the doctor, Liang Huaiqing.


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