G.I.U.A. Wants You!

Ladies and gentleman we are in need of professionals in many fields of expertise. At Get it up America we are trying to compile a database of resources for men with erectile dysfunction. We’ve created registries for you sign up your business with us. For most men that are facing E.D. in some form this can prove extremely useful. For starters if you work in Urology we need you because this is the first step in the medical field men need to take concerning their erectile dysfunction. From there we have found that shockwave therapy is a valuable resource, so if you happen to be in this field of expertise we highly request you sign up with us.

           Other Fields

There are other professions out there that you might not associate with E.D. right off the bat, but we have found useful. Yoga is a great alternative treatment, so if you are interested in maybe running an all male class it would be great  if you contacted us. There is new research being found that a combination of acupuncture and herbal treatments are effective against erectile dysfunction. Also for some men it is purely a psychological problem so therapists are always in need.

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If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate. If you think your field is being left out or you just have an idea we would happy to hear from you.


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