It Feels Good To Eat Good

Is your diet helping or hurting your sexual function? A well balanced healthy diet can help treat E.D. in a number of ways. It will help keep you fit and trim which will improve your overall body image. A targeted diet can also increase blood flow and sperm quality. Here is a list of foods that are beneficial for your sexual health.

  • Clams-B12;arginine (enhances erections, relaxes blood vessels)
  • Walnuts-arginine (amino acid that helps with blood flow)
  • Bananas-potassium (heart health and circulation)
  • Spinach-magnesium (decrease inflammation in blood vessels)
  • Pomegranate Juice-antioxidants (support blood flow)
  • Olive Oil-polyunsaturated fat (blood vessel protection)
  • Pistachios-arginine
  • Oysters-aphrodisiac,zinc (builds testosterone, supports libido, sperm production)
  • Eggs-choline (relaxes arteries, helps blood flow)
  • Shiitake Mushrooms-choline, zinc (highest choline content)
  • Tomatoes-lycopene, antioxidants (good for blood vessels)
  • Ginger- (aids in blood flow, improves artery health)
  • Green Tea-catechins (eliminates free radicals that damage blood vessels)